‘Tis the season to be mouldy….

Key search words: mould, rain, socks, marmite, potholes, bananas.

Nearly ten days of solid rain and no sign of a respite.


This is not good.  Life is getting rather mouldy. A houseful of clothes and shoes in varying states of fester would delight Louis Pasteur types I’m sure, but horrify me.  Yet perversely, I see this as a rather handy way of forcing me to choose what item will live, or die, by the mould. First signs of furriness, and it’s time to make a decision. No room for prevarication or slow movements, or you too, will become mouldy. A great new wardrobe-clearing inducement, but a tedious maintenance job. I mean, have you ever tried drying a towel with a hairdryer?  Life is just too short.

The locals have an eminently sensible approach to managing this issue, of course. Dryers are seen as an extravagance  when you really only need it for 6 weeks of the year. Just plan ahead, hang your laundry out for about a week, and buy strange bag-like sponge things (or is that sponge-like bag things?) to hang in your wardrobe and soak up the humidity.

With all this cool dampness, my one pair of respectable socks has finally been liberated from the bottom drawer.  Can  you imagine going 6 months without wearing socks?  A truly liberating experience it has been. But putting them on again after so long was strangely exciting too. I have a renewed appreciation for socks. They truly can effect a mood change. For the better, I think.

Sock it to me!

The relentless grey skies and downpours have also re-awoken inherent British urges, which had for so long remained dormant in the tropical sun.  Back on the menu: marmite and toast. Shepherds pie. I have even considered porridge!  Thanks to Anna, who travelled all the way to Nicaragua with a pot of marmite for me, I have been able to indulge.  Marmite pots have moved on!  Did you know that they now come in squeezy versions like this…?


Getting rather fungus-obsessed. Apart from growing one type of mould on my clothes and spreading another type on my toast, I learned recently of another kind of fungus that threatens civilization (and milkshakes) as we know it. Bananas might be going extinct because of it. It is the HIV Aids for bananas. This is not good news for a country (region) that relies heavily on exporting the thing.. Apparently this has a lot to do with the fact it has not had sex for about 7,000 years. I’d say that was a pretty good reason for going extinct. Today’s bananas are nothing more than mutant sterile clones – thanks to a mixture of accidental evolution and less accidental technology. (I wonder what the local grocer – assuming you have one – would say if you went in and asked for half a pound of mutant sterile clones?)

Good old Darwinian principles at work, of course. The less we shuffle our gene pool, the less chance we have of fighting off disease and surviving.. Poor old bananas. Apparently the future fate of the banana lies either in the hands of Honduran scientists, who are working on an organic sexually active variety, or the monster GM world of Monsanto et al… I know which banana I’d rather have..

And a final remark on this remarkable fruit. There is also a nutter who is so bananas about bananas, that he believes that it was not the apple that seduced Eve in the Garden of Eden after all…. Read here for more info on nutter. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=19097412

I think it is time to go. A monkey has just climbed onto my head (her name is Linda apparently). Must be all that talk about bananas.

My trip to Panama in search of a piano will have to wait till next time.

I leave you with a picture of the most virile banana I could find for your contemplation…(If Linda only knew..)

Last surviving virile banana in the world


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amanda Thomson on November 13, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Very healthy looking banana from my bananas mate!
    Bryan just embarking on another 3 months gardening leave… it pays to move to a competitor! Going back to a good ol’ Scottish based firm, so in Shanghai we remain for another contract… all good!
    He’s off as I start a new business with a friend here – college guidance couselling (her) and tours to view them and make decisions on where to go (me) – funny to be in education but there is a need for it here and we are having fun!
    Hope the rain stops soon, soggy is not a pleasant constant state!
    Love ya miss ya,


    • A
      great to hear your news….good for Bry – is there anyone left to move on to??! Where’s he gone to? Fab to hear you are going into biz too – you have a smart brain girl, great that you are putting it to work!

      Soggy state over, brilliant sunshine has returned… thank god…. though for some reason I am on a plane to cold grey London for a temporary fix of more (cold) rain….
      will be back in China to see you
      L xx


  2. darling L – your lovely commentary on the rainy mould just shows how resilient and resourceful and up-beat you are! personally i am counting 6 weeks until the equinox ….never mind the wet and the cold….once we have got that damn dark, it can only get lighter…. socks and a positive mental attitude will certainly get you through most things….oh yes…and marmite…xx


  3. …Not forgetting that wonderful dose of Miffa Essence… looking forward to seeing you very soon.. xxx


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