The Earth moved..


At 6 on the Richter scale at about teatime.  Scary. And exciting. Made me feel acutely alive (a case of ‘oh well, what the hell, if these are the last few minutes of life, let’s live ’em to the full?’ Or something like that). Took two cups of tea to recover..

I was sitting peacefully contemplating life when the house started shaking. Mirror nearly fell off the wall, and I ran for the door. But not before grabbing phone and laptop. And strangely, my spanish dictionary. The current three things in my life that I depend on for survival..

Forgot all about hiding under tables!  Although apparently the Ticos are a bit confused about what the best course of action is – some say tables, others door frames, some karaoke bars..(if you sing loud enough it will go away?)

Where the earth moved..

Have since had a few  ‘where were you when the earthquake happened’ conversations with friends…So far no tragedies thankfully, but one friend was sitting in her car driving and it wobbled so much she thought she had suddenly got two flat tires. She drove with some irritation to the nearest gas station to discover that it was the world, not her car, that had been shaking..!

Such are the downsides of living on the ring of fire..  For a small country (smaller than Wales), Costa Rica sure does have more than its fair share of volcanoes..!  Technically 100 or more that show activity of some sort, but just 5 really exciting ones that spew stuff and have fiery acid lakes.. (like this one below – not my pic – which is on my list of things to see. Apparently some nice hot spring baths nearby too – hopefully not too nearby!!

Exciting night life - Arenal

Not surprisingly,  what with both its explosive and monsoonal tendencies, the country has a decent chance of meeting its target to be carbon neutral by 2021.. (about 80% of its energy comes from hydro and 15% is now geothermal). Problem is, most of this energy is stored in protected national parks…Hmm, bit of a dilemma there. But not one to dwell on for a Friday night I think.

And all this volcanic action also explains why the country is so fertile and bursting with life and leaf. And great coffee.

Speaking of bursting with life…  Big rains have just started and I see a steady trickle of critters sneaking their way into the house. 2 by 2, just like Noah’s Arc – but just the ugly ones so far. No giraffes yet. Time to defend my property. Smiley spider is back too.

Ciao for now!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amanda on May 14, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    As entertaining as ever… Keep them coming it’s such fun to see what you are up to this way!


  2. Posted by Blanch on May 15, 2011 at 6:40 am

    But girlfriend I hope those bastards, animals and frying pan thieves alike, helped celebrate your “Younger Than Spring Time” birthday on the 7th; the one I missed. Was thinking of you after I arrived back from a weekend with husband in Honkers. So proud of you and looking in a hammock. xx


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