A place for contemplation..


I can’t imagine a better place to do a bit of thinking. INCAE University is a gem of a campus. Located in the very leafy outskirts of Alajuela, Costa Rica’s agricultural centre, it is a tamed, luxuriously green and colourful microcosm of the surrounding countryside.  Flaming reds and pinks, tall, elegant hardwood trees, parrots chattering in the canopy.. (more parrots chatting than humans, in fact – humans all inside, working their backsides off)

Why eat inside when you have views like this?










'Bring your laptop, meet you by the pool..' (where's the pinacolada?)

You  have to look no further than the palm-fringed poolside to see what kind of hardship the students have to cope with; lounging on sunbeds with laptops on their knees.. (I too, have been found doing the same..it’s a slippery slope in a wireless enabled campus)

This is where the future leaders and impresarios of Latin America come to learn the tricks of the trade. But though it looks it, this is not a school for the privileged alone. Some are from wealthy middle class backgrounds, others from poorer backgrounds, there by virtue of scholarship programmes. All with very good brains. And they sure work ’em hard!  The difference is, that the tricks of the MBA trade come with a strong streak of  ‘sustainable business’ thinking.

Enter stage left (well, below), my host department, the Centre for Latin American Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (bit of a mouthful, but not much better as CLACSDs..!) in which sits the Centre of Intelligence for Sustainable Markets (CIMS) – where I now work/contemplate part time..

The Centre for Profound Contemplation about Things Sustainable

And in between all that supposed profound contemplation, a place where parrots rule (and frequently interrupt), the warm breezy balcony, where I have my spanish lessons and other ‘very important meetings’.

Where parrots come to pay their noisy respects at sunset

It’s tough, but I’ll get used to it..






2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Nick on April 1, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Wow -looks like one of those exclusive spas that you see in the Travel section of the Sunday papers. Nothing like Streatham, therefore….


  2. Yes, indeed it does.. 5 start hotel or university? The food, however, is closer to the latter variety..
    p.s. Don’t knock Streatham. It’s on its way up. Still.


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